Whether you work the midnight shift or you’re a night owl with a morning person’s appetite, everyone has a breakfast craving that needs to be satisfied. Some might even take to heart the old adage about it being “the most important meal of the day” by making it the only meal of the day. No matter how or when you approach the breakfast table, Kansas City has what you need to break your fast.

Here are five of the best places in town to get breakfast throughout the day:

Offbeat Offerings

Funky vibes and fresh, locally-produced eats keep customers coming back to Succotash, a breakfast-and-lunch joint situated just east of Crown Center. Weekends draw large crowds here thanks to unique, crowd-pleasing menu items such as Peachy Swedes (Swedish pancakes filled with ricotta and topped with ginger-infused peaches) and the Crab Claw Omelet, plus plenty of fresh-pressed juices. Ever accommodating, diet-conscious diners can have their fill as well thanks to plenty of gluten-free, vegan and resolution-minded dishes. And no visit is complete without a slice of the Famous 8 Layer Citrus Cake, which sounds just as amazing as it tastes. 

Like Grandma Used to Make

Arrive early and stay late at The Corner Restaurant, a neighborhood establishment and go-to brunch spot cooking up scratch-made homestyle fare paired with craft libations. A fixture of the Westport district, the hotspot features hearty meals that satisfy breakfast urges both before the sun rises and midway through the afternoon. Give the Swoonin’ Biscuits a shot, but only ask for the full order if you’re really looking to chow down. Check out the Chicken and Waffles for a Southern classic packed with unique flavors. 

A Haven for Nighthawks

Late nights and early mornings typify a visit to Town Topic. Situated right in the middle of the Crossroads Arts District, the 24/7 eatery stays busy slinging out classic diner food (and has been for more than 75 years). Patrons in search of breakfast mainstays such as biscuits and gravy, hotcakes and hash browns line up out the door of the 2100 Broadway location at all hours of the day, part due to popularity and part thanks to the location’s pint-sized occupancy. Swing by during First Fridays or to cap off a night out with some good old-fashioned breakfast fare and a side of people-watching. 

Post-Shopping Brunch Stop

Championing welcoming food and mood, eggtc. is a casual breakfast, brunch and lunch restaurant featuring a slew of traditional and inventive menu options such as Corned Beef Hash and chorizo-filled omelets, plus a full coffee bar and fresh cut fruit. The South Plaza location is only a few blocks away from Country Club Plaza, making it easy for shoppers and students to get their mid-morning fix. Locals love it for the reverse happy hour, which offers specials on morning cocktails for those of legal age from 6:30 to 10 a.m., every Monday through Friday. 

Photo courtesy of New Vision Photography.

Morning Sweets and After-Hours Treats

Exactly what it sounds like, Doughnut Lounge combines artisan doughnuts with specialty cocktails into a hip late-night hangout. Found in the heart of Westport, the lounge features a menu that changes depending on the time of day, offering guests a wide variety of classic and signature “dones” in flavors as basic as glazed and as wild as a combination of sheep milk cheese custard, root beer glaze and fresh basil (The Dolly). The bold can venture beyond the realm of the familiar by trying Noduts—part-entrée, part-doughnut creations as one-of-a-kind as they are delicious. 

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